Our Process

Our Solution is Our Process

We commit ourselves to gaining a thorough understanding of your life. Not just your balance sheet, but also your hopes, dreams, fears and concerns and then we fully invest our energies, insights and experience in helping you wherever and whenever your wealth touches your life. Our Process has three distinct parts.

  • Our Philosophy
  • Our Strategic Plan
  • Our Review Process


Our Philosophy

To never take more risk in the markets than is appropriate to meet your long term goals. We commit ourselves to gaining a thorough understanding of your life: not only your balance sheet, but also your hopes, dreams, fears and concerns.


Our Strategic Plan

Using sophisticated technology (MoneyGuidePro, Albridge Wealth Reporting, Etc), augmented by our investment, insurance, tax planning strategies, retirement and estate planning strategies experience, we design a unique, yet flexible program to achieve your goals.

  • Get to Know Each Other
    • Introduction to Our Team and The Firm
    • Overview of Our Process
  • Gather Information to Help Define Your Goal
    • What's Important to You?
    • Uniqueness to Our Approach
    • Is There A Fit?
  • Plan Developement: Analyze Current Financial Status
    • We Create A Comprehensive, Customized Wealth Management Plan
    • Plan Contains Recommendations and Education on Investments
  • Communicate Recommendation
    • We Prefer In-Person Review to Be Sure Both Parties Fully Understand The Plan and Process Moving Forward
    • We Discuss Our Value Added Services, and Monitoring Process
  • Implement Plan
    • Moving Foward, We Now Begin The Process to Implement The Plan to Invest, Evaluate, Rebalance and Collaborate With Clients Attorney's or CPA's Whenever Necessary.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Communication
    • Keeping On-Track Takes Commitment to Commincation.
    • We Contact Clients With Face-To-Face, Phone Conversation, Email and Of Course Through Monthly Performance Reports
    • We have developed a simple, one-page review sheet which captures your current and historical position.


The Review Process

Our process involves the establishment of goals, timeframes and a commitment to each of the six key planning elements of Our Strategic Plan. As part of the ongoing Review Process, we continuously focus on three services for you and your portfolio.

  • The Historical Summary of Accounts
    • Consists of a one-page review sheet, reflecting current market values by account and historic year-end values. This gives you an easy way to review the progress towards your overall investment goals.


  • The Investment Selection
    • We are constantly reviewing the portfolio management options. Being independent means that we can work with any provider and financial product without fear of conflicts or quotas. The investment products will be highly correlated to the client's investment objectives. Each investment’s performance will be evaluated against both the appropriate market index and if needed, it’s peer group’s median return over rolling 3, 5 and 10 year time periods.


  • The Monitoring and Control Process
    • Structured through the account information available with online access and monthly portfolio reports. The Condon Group will provide you with access to a secure web site for retrieval of their current account information and monthly portfolio reports. Prior to each review The Condon Group sends an Agenda to you, so that you will be prepared beforehand.