Our Approach

  • Establish and Define Our Relationship
    • Get to Know Each Other.
    • Introduction to Our Team and The Firm
    • Overview of Our Process

  • Gather Information to Help Define Your Goal

    • What's Important to You?
    • Uniqueness to Our Approach
    • Is There A Fit?

  • Plan Developement: Analyze Current Financial Status

    • We Create A Comprehensive, Customized Wealth Management Plan
    • Plan Contains Recommendations and Education on Investments

  • Communicate Recommendation

    • We Prefer In-Person Review to Be Sure Both Parties Fully Understand The Plan and Process Moving Forward
    • We Discuss Our Value Added Services, and Monitoring Process

  • Implement Plan

    • Moving Foward, We Now Begin The Process to Implement The Plan to Invest, Evaluate, Rebalance and Collaborate With Clients Attorney's or CPA's Whenever Necessary.

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Communication

    • Keeping On-Track Takes Commitment to Commincation.
    • We Contact Clients With Face-To-Face, Phone Conversation, Email and Of Course Through Monthly Performance Reports

  • Savings / Budgeting/ Emergency/ Education funding
  • Investment Planning:

    Choosing vehicles to achieve the long term growth needed to support   lifestyle

  • Insurance Planning:

    Review of policies, (life, and health, accident) to protect the Estate from a catastrophe

  • Income Tax Planning:

    Advise on investments that responsibly protect from over taxation. Though we are not “CPAs”, we will work closely with your CPA

  • Retirement Planning: (Pre-Retirement Planning & Post Retirement Planning)

    The focus during retirement changes from growth to preservation / cash flow, which we understand very well

  • Estate Planning:

    With the help of your attorney and our Estate Planning experts, we will endeavor to help you to pass your wealth to the next generation